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tv   [untitled]    January 7, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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or tool that we have now a days now obviously in the oscar grant case i mean who knows how that would have gone if it wasn't on video but then we remember also a couple years ago when the maryland police beat up a young maryland student after a duke basketball game they claimed that he was resisting arrest and abusive towards the officer problem was that several students captured the incident on their cell phone videos as well surveillance video capture the whole incident which showed that the police were beating up and slamming this kid without any sort of cause eventually these police officers were disciplined and the young man was able to have the charges dropped against him so definitely this can be used in the court of law to help the victims when they are the subject of police abuse and of course the most famous videotape police beating the ronnie king beating here in los angeles i mean that i mean who knows what would have happened if that would have been caught on video people would have no idea of the relationship that's happening
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here in los angeles between the black community and police now i think that we're definitely to see a lot more people starting to fight for the rights of film across america every month thanks so much for filling us in. your bed now still to come tonight when calling out and cell phone company for just making something up and calling it a movement and our technology told time later and there's another case of a police drug raid and they have deadly violence right in the sense that we'll speak with radley balko senior editor of reason magazine and reason dot com about increasing numbers of victims and america's war on trucks.
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more news today is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day. broadcasting live from our studios in central moscow this is our border seven thirty on a saturday morning now let's take a look at your headlines a dream about immigrants who women chance of a new life in the u.s. find the grass isn't always greener when they find poverty and unemployment in the land of the free with no government support many educated immigrants say they find
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themselves in worse living conditions than in their homeland the u.s. state department of fifty thousand green cards per year. the wife of alleged russian arms trader victor boot faces interrogation ahead of her husband's trial and she claims that she was detained along with her children and question for hours by airport and customs officials in new york meanwhile blitzer preliminary hearing has been pushed back to the end of january. a russian ice breaker reaches one of the two ships stuck in ice off russia's the pacific coastline the vessels have been stranded for over a week in two meter thick ice in the sea of cortes authorities say the fishermen are you know you media danger and have enough supplies to see them through the rest . now coming up in about thirty minutes my lovely and talented colleague. and with a full look at your news but first up next the second part of the show.
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well it's time for tonight's tool time award and we're giving it to the marketing folks at eighteen and see the company has pulled off one of the cheapest network upgrades ever all they did was simply change their three g. network to a four g. network by any but really no upgrades to their technology they seriously just changed the name and eighteen t. can get away with the marketing move because the international telecommunications union hasn't actually set me firm standards for what constitutes four g. the agency just announced it will speed up work on a four g. network boosting but that still isn't going to be ready until the end of two thousand and thirteen so for two years the company is just calling it four g. though that's not misleading at all but we have to wonder why eighteen d. is making this move could it be because verein zune is reportedly getting ready to
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launch the i phone which so far has been exclusive to agency just this week he said it was slashing the price of their i phone three g.s. to forty nine dollars on anticipation of a rising song the phone now i'm in a phone user but i have to say that's just saying you upgraded the network that doesn't make it so and i can now wait until you do because the service on my phone sucks and we've all had issues with unreliable speeds and connectivity so how about the wait until you actually have four g. before you start telling everybody your four g. when you just blatantly making it up and what's next how about i call myself a lot of it cost you president of the united states does that make it so just because i said it's not helped by follow these marketing standards why not. now we've got some new information on a story that we briefly touched upon last night to republican congressman didn't show up for wednesday swearing in ceremony they actually were watching the event on
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closed circuit t.v. and. capitol with supporters pete sessions of texas and mike fitzpatrick of pennsylvania both raise their hands during the swearing in ceremony in the visitors center sorry guys that not actually being present for the swearing in that doesn't count that is a violation of the constitution and make it worse the two that voted on several issues in the hundred twelve congress even on the day the g.o.p. forced the entire house to read the entire constitution out loud how about that for some irony but here's the best part of this little drama as i said the two were in the visitor center shaking hands with the boarders and some of those people actually paid money for a chance to meet with congressman fitzpatrick and it should be noted congressman pete sessions was also in the room he by the way is the head of the national republican congressional committee responsible for fundraising for g.o.p. candidates does that mean that both men were holding a fundraiser inside the capitol if you don't know that is a major no no other against the rules and both of their offices say that this
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wasn't a fund raising event but i'm not sure about that a flyer for the event titled mike fitzpatrick swearing in celebration asked for thirty dollars for the bus trip to d.c. and then allowed for others to contribute more added stated that if anyone gives over two hundred dollars they're going to have to report the donation so his office thought that it was a campaign event but now they say no it was just a meet and greet open to anybody don't you guys just love the g.o.p. hypocrisy they talk about love for their country a love for the constitution but they can't be bothered to show up for their own swearing in ceremony because they're out raising campaign cash i think it's going to be a fun two years watching this house led by republicans implode. now florida professor seems to be the victim of fearful passengers after boarding a plane on monday thirty five year old out of it was boarding a plane from boston to d.c. on a u.s. airways flight before the plane took off he placed
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a little bag in an overhead compartment and made the others. passengers uncomfortable so uncomfortable and back and they reported to him as suspicious and after talking back to the flight attendants the professor was removed from the plane now and officials inspected this suspicious package it turns out that it had keys i had and a bagel with cream cheese that's really suspicious you know it seems like incidents like this are occurring more and more often these dates are passengers are the ones who decide what's considered terrorist activity just a short while back passengers reported a man who kept going to the bathroom too many times during a flight really really now we're doing bathroom checks you know i think i'm catching on to something here it seems like passengers are just using their fear of terrorists as an excuse to get rid of anybody that annoys them we just think about what would happen if people did this in the workplace.
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as. i said.
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i think so. and words have a little fun but hopefully after seeing this get nobody gets any ideas well there's another drug raid gone wrong earlier this week you're restamp a sixty eight year old grandfather of twelve was killed in his home in framingham
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massachusetts stamp lived in the same house with a woman whose son and another man were arrested in the rate but stamps himself was not under investigation he was described by neighbors as the nicest guy in the world so how and why was he killed well the police won't let us know all they've said in a statement was a very stamps was tragically and fatally struck by a bullet which was discharged from a swat officers rifle who the officer is why the weapon was fired they won't say he's just going to be added to the long list of bodies piling up where because juan drugs now are where i caught up with radley balko senior editor at reason magazine and reason dot com and i first noted this unfortunately is not the first time the rally and i have spoken about incidents like this before getting into why it's happening on a broad scale i want to look into the details of this case i asked radley if he thought it odd the police wouldn't reveal the name of the officer who shot the man or even say that he was shot in the official statement. yeah it was sort of masterful use that the passive voice which we see
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a lot in blue shootings actually. not really surprised that they haven't released the officers name either that never happens in fact there are some cases in virginia where it's been years and we still don't know the name of the officer who shot someone so it is yet police officers have privacy rights that we don't have the citizens of a lot of times we have because if you think about you know if the tables have been turned in this example and it was a civilian that had shot a police officer his name would have been released to the press right he would have been on every news channel every newspaper today probably with his mug shot yeah and every you know parking ticket or traffic ticket or any other conviction instead would immediately be released to the press and i mean it's certainly a double standard and it's you know it's something worth trying to get reformed but you know it is what it is for all why why the police you know they're saying that the investigation in this matter could take three or four weeks and it's understandable right you want to have let them investigate but there's one thing that they must know for sure by now which is probably who shot the man you know so
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by not even giving us a little inkling of their nation do you think that that just fuels more distrust of the police you know when it comes to the public that that they're hiding something from us that we assume that they're trying to cover something up. well sure i mean it's certainly does and you know it it feeds the notion that when police investigate other police officers they do it in a very sort of secretive closed off from the public manner and it does fuel i mean there was i reported on a case last year in georgia where the police shot and killed a pastor named jonathan errors during a botched drug operation and in that case you know they they cleared the guy but the op a search within a few weeks and then it came out afterward actually. in a lawsuit and then a local news station reported that the officer was new been allowed to hold a gun or a badge yet received enough training now how how about all that would have come out during the initial internal investigation sort of mind blowing and it gives you sort of an indication of just how thorough these internal investigations can be oh
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yeah it's very encouraging now let's get to the bigger picture here right why this is happening because there is a massive drug war being waged in our country because we have swat teams that are being sent into people's homes on what really are non violent raids right these are drug raids so at the end of the day we are they are more bodies piling up are they killing more people than they actually are saving with the tactics that they use in fighting the drug war. well i mean that's a hard question to answer because you it's always hard to say you know prove what isn't happening but you know clearly i think i mean even if every one of these raids to the right house even if no one ever died no dogs were ever shot i think there is something fundamentally disturbing about this idea that one hundred fifty times a day in this country we send swat teams into private homes to serve warrants for what are ultimately consensual crimes i mean the vast majority of these raids are not to find suspected murderers or you know suspected bank robbers a rapist the best majority are for are for drug crimes and these are crimes that
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are consensual that aren't violent in these raids introduce violence to the situation which i think is really the fundamental problem now having done a lot of research on this for have any kind of figures the guessing the percentage of raids that have been botched in the last year the last ten years twenty years well it's a hard figure to come by because police departments are notorious for not wanting to report their mistakes so and you know the vast majority of the people that these raids happen to are tend to be you know fairly powerless they don't have access to attorneys they you know they're afraid to go to the media they're afraid to file complaints but you know judge it's going biased with news reports that we do have i would say you know about once a week i get a little hurt or somebody sends me a link to some story where the police got the wrong house by mistake and now it's important to remember that i mean this case they got the right house this case in boston they got the guy they were looking for they found drugs but you had an
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innocent bystander a unarmed innocent bystander who was shot and killed and that's the bed again goes to the sort of inherent dangerousness of these rates in the very low margin for error and you know i don't think this officer intended to kill mr stamps i mean i don't think this was malicious it was probably a mistake due to the volatility of the situation and it's a great argument for keeping these. rapes reserved for situations where you have somebody who is an immediate threat to other people which was clearly not the case here lots of thing right they didn't find any weapons inside of this house so how volatile the situation might have been where they had to or they accidentally shot this sixty year old man you really have to wonder do you think that anything will change that they might change their tactics stop using swat teams because of incidents like this i mean i am sensing sort of a change in the public perception of these raids and it's also you can you can see a change in the way the local media covers of the boston herald had
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a great article today that was actually pretty skeptical of the way that these tactics are used and so you know you sort of hope that that would precipitate a change in policy when one of these incidents happens i can tell you that you know i wrote a paper on this and i've been writing about it for about five years now and usually what happens after one of these high profile incidents is there's a lot of truth and bringing in a lot of complaints and people come forward with their own stories and then within about four or five years things are right back to the way they were the way they were before the incident happened there are been some examples case in atlanta for a few years ago produce real change in the mayor in mayor kalgo in maryland who's dogs were killed during a mistaken rape actually got some legislation passed that made slots into little more transparent so you know that stuff is good but i'm you know it's hard to be optimistic because the history doesn't you know bear out in the recent for it but you're right and you know the things that i read about this at least there was some skepticism coming from the media here in the fact that we're not being given any
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information rather thanks so much for joining us great to be on again thanks. for taking a break but still to come tonight on a friday fireside chat and then trying to vogue is raising a few eyebrows with some very racy photos of six year olds also according to the new study men are turned on by women who cry. like we really do the study on that one regardless i'm a discuss. those topics and more with elliot marcus the editor of the gloss in just a moment.
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is he he . to tonight's fireside fridays with your host of cops. i have a feeling that watching the republican led house is going to be. i mean watching
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them squirm watching them walk back. this is most important of which was of course cutting spending i mean really just think of how many times the past couple of months you've heard politicians say that cutting spending is wealthy american people want what the american people need where this new congress has to start but the funny thing about that was the in their pledge to america last year republicans pledged to cut one hundred billion dollars in discretionary domestic spending which it turns out by the day they are being sworn in had already been cut in half hopes and then last night we saw i think the best example of what's to come of who just the american people just wasn't a little bit this interview with john boehner the speaker of the house. listen name a program right now that we could do without. did you hear that
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he couldn't think of one single program off the job after bridging for months but his main priority was to cut spending not one program not like brian williams ambushed him with tough questions that was a softball that is probably the first thing that you should have been prepared to answer before going on national television but alas cutting spending party doesn't have any ideas on what to cut they just like and you want to know what they did rush to do on their first day in office. republicans outlined three different bills all aimed at limiting the powers of the environmental protection agency shut down a house committee it was created to tackle energy. climate issues the whole ad of course as i've told you before carol i so wrote a letter to oil company executives asking them which regulations they don't why the new congress can dispose of money because i don't remember those being the top
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priorities during the campaign season do you. that is what you are not a party of austerity but a party of atrocious liars so enjoy. our magazines getting really really desperate for advertisers these days it would seem so with the latest tactic that we discovered cosmopolitan trying to pull off or even worse with the six year olds wearing gobby jewelry and ten pounds of make up and the new fringe are definitely images that have raised a few eyebrows so joining me from our new york studio to discuss them is the lead marcus and her of the gloss only thanks so much for joining us now. i want to start with the december issue of french vogue i think that we have a picture of it that we can put up for for the viewers it has essentially
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a bunch of six year olds in garvey jewelry what you might call compromising positions maybe even clothes that are a little too sexy. what do you say i mean is this is this fashion or is this taking it a little bit too far. well i think when you produce a monthly fashion magazine it's really hard to start coming up with ideas that you've never done before and french program particular is really known for trying stuff that's kind of out there and kind of different and i think this was intended to shock people a little bit i think it was intended to be controversial and they really got what they wanted of course the creepy part of all that being that there is an entire culture in america of little girls that take place in pageants which are just like this which you have to wear these little dresses have to wear tons of makeup and perform and that's considered normal but they don't think that that's weird and that's shocking. yeah i mean i would rather be a six year old little girl with
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a ton of makeup an acute dress in french vogue than one of those awful cupcakes things that make you earn pageants you know and of course i guess because the french are doing it but it makes the art so you're right that it's not creepy anymore. exactly now i want to talk about this next story which is cosmopolitan magazine and i know that it's a tough time for magazines right now and you know surprisingly the ones that really are still hanging on that are making it work are magazines but so cosmos sent one version to their advertisers and the other one was on the stands and the ones that you know that they sent to their advertisers somehow took out some of the front page stories like sixty sex tips and also took out the story orgasm virgins and instead they just interchange them with beauty news curls or back or an entire study on the male brain and how it works i don't know i mean are they desperate to get advertisers here why would they do this. well i think you made
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a really good point when you talked about exactly what the words were that got cut unfortunately as garda's cosmos once was about the fact that they wrote about female sexuality from a really positive perspective there are still people in our culture who are really really uncomfortable with those things and unfortunately a lot of those people are advertisers and they are in charge of lots of money that they can use to buy ads in different magazines so i don't totally blame them for wanting to play it safe because they weren't sure which advertisers they were dealing with but i mean how stupid of an advertiser how did form do you have to be to not really know the content that's in cause i think doesn't everybody know that all cosmo talks about is how to please your man in different sex positions and you know how to have an orgasm that's what cars will is known for so what advertiser on this planet is unaware of that. you know i'm with you but it is different to know something than it is to see something i remember when i was in high school i had a subscription to seventeen and i was always really nervous that my mom would find
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it in that she'd see some article on the front about sex and seventeen was really smart about it and they would always put the subscriber label that had my address on top of the headline that had to do with sex and i'm pretty sure that my mom knew what i was reading about but it was another thing for her to have to see it. that's kind of a very tricky way that they did that well that's funny about this whole continent story too is what they did is they changed the titles on the front but when they sent the advertisers that issue they didn't actually change any of the content on the inside so i guess that shows you that the advertisers can be a little lazy too they didn't even check that out. well they've got tons of magazines coming in that they have to look at all the time i'm sure they're way too busy to read every single article in all of them and that's what caused how it's going for it is even if you're familiar with the brand they're probably not going to get into the nitty gritty of what's in that particular issue. well good luck to them i guess no wary quickly i want to talk about a new study that came out that essentially says that men who sniff women's tiers
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produced less testosterone or. when girls cry guys aren't already anymore they don't find it attractive i didn't really need a study to find out about this. oh i totally agree with you when i read the results of that study i thought this is like that study where they said that people who are drunk are more likely to kiss someone they don't know i thought give me fifty bucks for a bar tab i'll take all my friends out and do your study for you and i you know. well i guess that you know when they read could say that it proves that he isn't necessarily a guy's strong point is it really what they did to conduct this study is they sat these women down and first watched made them watch some chick flicks which they knew would get the tears rolling and then saw how the men would react to that do you think that you know maybe sometimes guys want to want to help you out when you're crying that's you know that's when they would take advantage of a girl but i guess now you know the opposite. well it really is good for getting
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out of traffic tickets. that is surgery have you pulled that car before have you gotten out of a driver giving well going really york so i don't drive but i will use it to get out of other stuff but i can't go any further because my boss might be watching this. ok all lead to leave it at that but i'll just say that i have gotten out of a traffic ticket or two in my time maybe two years maybe not those are my secrets my label thank you so much for joining us. thank you all that's it for tonight's show thank you for tuning in and make sure you come back on monday i'll be covering the trial for the winter side attorney the man identified by u.s. intelligence reports of the mastermind of the midair destruction of a cuban airliner in one nine hundred seventy six the only thing is that he's being prosecuted for perjury and fraud not for murder and terrorism and have more on that on monday but in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch all of you tube dot com
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slash do you want to show or post the interviews as well as the show in its entirety and before we go tonight i would just like to bid adieu to our visual producer michael brown this was the last day on the program we've enjoyed working with them very much over the last year and we'll miss him dearly good luck to you michael in california coming up next is the news with the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world. earlier . in the backyard. we. are much closer to a crop and then spread all over the country.


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